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Do you know what?? Our school is very unique because we have lots of different things that other school’s don’t have!

1.) Every winter we get snow at school and at home! But when the snow is 8-10 inches thick that’s when the real fun starts. Everyone brings their wet weather gear, we have snowball fights and we slide down on the hill!

2.) For 1 or 2 terms of the year us year 7 & 8’s go to manual in town. Most of the other country schools go but hey it’s not every day that you fit year 7 & 8’s into one car! We do flax weaving, clay work, cooking and textiles. We have one activity in each blocks, there are three blocks.

3.)When I wake up in the morning I don’t say, (sigh) we have to wear that dumb uniform. Because at this school we wear mufty all day every day. This is really cool, although we do have a sports uniform that we use for sports days. We do this to represent our school.

4.)At school we have a cool swimming pool that’s really refreshing on hot days. Some days we get free swims and on others it’s practicing for swimming sports. Not only in school hours we go swimming, each of our parents have a key to share so that we can go swimming after school and on the weekend’s.

5.) Quite often we have a school working be that makes our school funner and a lot more safer. My Dad has just recently finished making a sandpit and has chain sawed a tree down to make Marama’s house a lot  sunnier.We are now just waiting for the sandpit cover so that we can put sand in and then it will be put to great use. The old school has just recently been painted aswell as the wooden steps to get up there.

This is what I think makes our school unique from others.


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