Word Smart


Did you know that giraffes eat 65 pounds of leaves and twigs each day!!! They also eat flowers, fruit, plants and even thorns. At each zoo there is about one or two giraffes and sometimes a baby.


Hedgechogs are know as a ‘yucky animal’, when My friend Millie and I went on the farm and brought a hedgechog back Millie’s mum said ” get that animal out of here!!!” Hedgechogs eat lots of little bugs that are on  the ground.

Word Smart #14

PERSONIFICATION : When an object, plant or idea is given human qualities it is called PERSONIFICATION. A writer might talk about a clock or a flower as if it has feelings or does human actions.
The clock stood proudly in the big hall.
The flowers turned their faces happily to the sun.

Word Smart


Parrots are mostly pets that are a nuisance or have a great sense of humour!!!! They like to eat nuts and they also peck at apples. These birds live in the wild unless people catch them and put them in animal parks.


Lizards are funny little things that dart around trees and and they also climb up them. Most lizards eat smaller insects  that they can slurp up fast and easily.

Word Smart


The capital of England is London.

The official language in this country is English.

An interesting fact about England is that most church’s are called Abbey’s. My Mum and Dad went to England and took photos of each Abbey that they could see and by the time that they were finished there were a lot more than I expected.  And they are called Abbey I mean did my Mum and Dad name me after a church?? : )


The capital of Switzerland is Bern.

There are four languages in this country German, French, Italian and Romansh.

An interesting Fact about Switzerland is that there are lots of Mountains. In the winter it is very cold. When you hear cows walking around you can hear the bells go ding-dong ding-dong.