Orienteering with Geoff


On Monday the 23rd of August Geoff Mallalieu came and showed us how to use the compasses and we also learnt how we can get to places by using it. Marama and Geoff set up a really cool course that we had to go around. To find your way around, you use the compass. The compass tells you what direction you go, for instance the sign that you end up at might have 30 N Q, which means 30 steps North and the letter Q.

Once you have been around the course and collected all of the letters you can find out what it says. The question was ‘What do elephants like to play?’ So the letters were H, A, Q, S, U and S.

Geoff also made us do a huge chalk compass on the tennis court, this had to include, North, West, South, East, North East, North West, South East and South West!! We also had to find what degrees Puke hill was.

Geoff definitely helped me understand how to use a compass works and I had a really fun day!!! 😀

Creepy Match Box Trick

Today we made a match box trick, this is how you do it:

1.) Get an empty matchbox.
2.) Use the half that usually holds the matches and cut a hole in one end the hole should be big enough to fit your big finger in, if your finger is to big try using a smaller finger so that it can fit in the match box.
3.) Then in the other half cut another hole so that the cut goes off the edge length wise make the hole as big as your other hole that you did before.
4.) Get two cotton balls and shove them in the matchbox. But you need to colour them in with a red felt pen as you please. Now put your big finger inside the hole so that it looks as though your finger has been chopped off!
5.) Slide the other half of the box over top so that the hole is at the bottom of your finger so you can put the box over your finger.
6.) Now ask your friend or parent would you like a box of matches and open it up. This should really scare them if they haven’t seen it yet!


M essing around like a soft breeze
I ‘m always zipping around peoples knees,
S wifting through all the leaves
T hat children have used their arms to heave,
R ain is one of my best friends
A nd tornadoes are the ones that bend,
L ate in the night I twist and I turn until the next day has begun. 😀

Z ooming through all of the trees
E ating up all of the bees,
P lacing myself down in the galley below
H elping the leaves carry themselves down low,
Y es I love my job been able to twirl
R ather this than been a human that hurls!! 😀


What am I?
I am a very stinky animal
I am black and white
I have a long bushy tail
And my stench smells like rotten eggs!!
What am I?

What am I?
I like to jump in and out of the ocean
I am blue with kind of shiny skin
I am a mammal
I have a tail like a whale
What am I?

What am I?
I love eating bananas
I can swing myself by my tail
I live in a zoo
And I think that I am a very cool creature
What am I?

( If you think that you know these answers leave me a comment) Thanks!!!! 😀

Chiddlewaddle Diddlewaddle Doo

Skip skip on a giant’s hip,
Walk walk and you’re all talk,
Squeel squeel when you land on your heel
Chiddlewaddle Diddlewaddle Doo

Jump high and touch the sky,
Draw draw with a piece of straw,
Sit sit in a huge pit
Chiddlewaddle Diddlewaddle Doo

Stroll stroll like a green troll,
Bounce bounce like a cat pounce,
Stride stride but make sure you hide
Chiddlewaddle Diddlewaddle Doo

Hurry hurry or you’ll get in a flurry,
Dance dance like that boy Lance,
Cruise cruise then you’ll lose
Chiddlewaddle Diddlewaddle
Chiddlewaddle Diddlewaddle
Chiddlewaddle Diddlewaddle Dooooooo!